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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i heart them ;)

assalamualaikum :)
nk buad speacial entry tok budak-2 neh .
yeahh ! iheartthem <3 mmuuahx !
first person , yeah introduce to all of youu ->

my little sister <3
seringg luangg kn mase nk dengar crite saya .
thanks a lot yaa dek :)

next person ->
my lover a.k.a little sister :)
together almost for 4 years <3
iloveyouudear <3

fly to the next person ->
here my little brother :D
i heart him very much <3
always be with him to hear his story :)
he is my awsome person :D

go to the next person yeah ->
yeahh ! i heart him <3
lets know him :
*he is shy person
*suke kerot kn muke , buad saya takut nk jumpe dea :|
*sis student :)
yeahh ! he is my superb awsome person <3

the last person ->
never ever have any relationship with her :D
but don't know why i heart her .
sorry babe if you don't like .
the feel come suddenly , really don't know why .

the end of the . yeah ! i heart them very much <3
kbaiiiiiii :)

♡ Salam Ukhuwah Fillah ♡ Syukran Jazilan because visit here ツ

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